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RankSpy taps into 6 secret databases to reveal buyer keywords
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Top 10 Google Auto Complete Keywords

71% of people use Google’s Auto Complete tool to find what they’re looking for, and unlike other tools, RankSpy instantly shows you hundreds of Auto Complete keywords with low competition!

Top 10 Google Trending Keywords

Pull in hundreds of buyer keywords from the Google “trend engine” that your competitors don’t know about!

Top 10 Google Related Search Keywords

Finally uncover hundreds of related keywords in seconds, ideal for generating content ideas and finding hidden opportunities that others easily overlook!

Top 10 YouTube Auto Complete Keywords

Why stop with Google? Tap into thousands of little-known, hard to find keywords that people are typing into YouTube each day... and use these keywords for blog posts, videos, or to find out what your market wants!

eBay Auto Complete Buyer Keywords

Rake in hundreds of product related search terms from eBay’s auto complete tool. Great for product research and blog post ideas!

Amazon Auto Complete Buyer Keywords

Grab thousands more buyer keywords from the world’s biggest online store!

Which means you can finally…

Uncover The Keywords That Other Tools Won’t!

By searching hidden databases in Google trends, YouTube, Amazon, eBay…

… you’re unearthing hot-off-the-press, buyer focused keywords that other tools don’t deliver.

Which means:

You can target these untapped keywords in your blog posts or YouTube videos to instantly bypass the tough competition in Google…

… and enjoy all the FREE traffic your heart desires!

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Just Look at These Easy Pickings...

What often happens is mind blowing

This was one of the best unexpected surprises that came out of testing.

One $50k product term was entered (agriculture drone) and I just couldn’t believe my eyes. Not only did the software reveal an untapped incredibly high paying Niche for me, just looking at it, I could see easily how to build out an Authority website based on this term AND the software showed me instantly each Category to build out the site with. So we are in the process of doing exactly this.

Now you understand what the data is that's presented.

You can SEE how this data is displayed in such a way that its nearly impossible to miss awesome niches, just like this one above and you can also see how simple it is to create an Authority site, and the software “shows” you your directory layout and the content needed. Plus all these terms are incredibly easy to completely dominate in the Search Engines.

Here's just a couple of the results we are getting

Rankspy Pro Trial

Even More Powerful Action Oriented Keyword Results

The terms we source from Amazon and eBay are terms used by people who are looking to BUY something.

This is how simple it is to use. Choose a high ticket item like 4K TV, enter it in RankSpy, the most intelligent software on the market, because it produces these results below. Showing You Exactly which terms you can rank for easily, terms that for some reason other people did not know about. But We do right Now!

As you can see from these results highlighted in Yellow, and that's from just 30 seconds of my time to discover these incredible terms.

e.g. Amazon Result 24. 4k tv 60 inch has NONE, not even one page optimised for this term, this would be incredibly easy to rank for, almost instantly.

E.G. Ebay Result 45. 4k tv 65, very little competition.

These just incredible results revealed from virutally no input from you, just entering a high paying term reveals the hidden gems inside.

And that’s not all.

Ranking Videos Just Got A lot Easier Too

Video marketers will be blown away at the results RankSpy provides. They’ll be able to see in a heartbeat which terms they can rank for in Google and other Search Engines, also knowing they’ll rank just as strong in itself. Generating a ton of traffic and leads for themselves and their clients.

SEO Agencies will dramatically increase the ROI. Taking much less time producing results while still charging the same rates = More Profit!

In these examples below, the two center results columns show how sites or pages in the entire Google Index are optimized for these terms.

We want to find terms that have low scores in the InTitle and InUrl columns, These are the Gold Nugget terms we all search for. Now RankSpy provides these results almost instantly!

Typically we enter a powerful high paying keyword phrase and collect all the results. Then we choose the ones with low competition scores and run them through the software again. And THEN, this second run produces TONS of awesome low competition terms that we can all rank for almost instantly.

Rankspy Pro Trial

With RankSpy, you can also…

Target Any Country Or Language!

By creating websites in different languages, you can tap into  millions of people who are searching for your content, products and services, in different languages and different countries around the world.

And with RankSpy, you can instantly unearth millions of low competition, buyer focused keywords in different languages and countries that your competitors are overlooking!

And it’s simple too.

You'll see the amount of locations increase dramatically, giving you the opportunity to use any of the locations presented in the drop down menu.

(Full disclaimer, these results below were discovered using as the source. The more softwares we have in the marketplace the more locations we can get competitive data and sources from.)

We really wanted to put Ransky to the test by digging for opportunities in a bunch of different languages, so we decided to target one of the most competitive terms in the world "Weight Loss" (which just for starters is much less competitive than the same term in English as these results clearly show.)

The First test was Spanish

That worked so well we then tried French

Then  Italian

Then Portuguese

In fact... Rankspy Is One Of The

Easiest Keyword Tools You’ll Ever Use!

Thanks to the automatic sorting, analysing and filtering technology, you only see the keywords that matter… keywords that are low competition, buyer focused and easy to rank for!

Simply enter your seed keyword and tap search… and watch as RankSpy goes to work.

No need for endless backlinks, shady SEO tricks or complicated advertising campaigns... RankSpy finds all the “hidden” and low competition keywords you need to dominate any niche quick and easy... even if you’re a total beginner and have never had a single website visitor until today!

Rankspy Pro Trial

Here's an example of this, I found just playing around with the First term which was snapchat (One of the most popular Apps in the mobile marketplace right now)

Here's The Initial Result

Found a great term "snapchat tutorial"

As you can see from the above results. Those terms found in the second query are insanely easy to dominate in the search engines, why? they have virtually no optimised pages competing for all those terms.

And Managing Your Results Is Easy Too…

RankSpy Works For Any Type Of Business

So you’ll never lose your keywords, and you can pick up where you left off, no matter where you are in the world!!

  • Product launches
  • Niche affiliate offers
  • Online services
  • Local business
  • Ecommerce stores
  • Website “Flipping”
  • Charities
  • Video Marketing

Whoever you are, and whatever you’re selling, RankSpy gives you a massive shortcut to easy Google traffic… putting you in front of real potential buyers, with keywords that most of your competitors will never know about!


No problem!

Now you create highly profitable, low cost PPC or PPV campaigns with keywords that nobody else is targeting. After all, when there’s practically zero competition, you’ll always pay the lowest rate per click!

Whatever you want to use RankSpy for…

We’ve Got You Covered…

RankSpy comes with solid support, in the unlikely event you need it. You’ll have instant, unrestricted access to…

Facebook Group Support

Ask questions, share tips, and mix with other marketers and potential partners!

Private Support

If you ever need help or have any issues, we’re on standby, 7 days a week, ready to help if you need us!

Rankspy Pro Trial

And of course, you’re also protected with my…


RankSpy makes keyword research and Google rankings easier than ever. Just enter your seed keyword, choose a country, hit “Search” then tap “Results” and boom… you’ve now got a batch of hot, “hidden” keywords that you can dominate Google with… and finally enjoy the kind of passive, free traffic that most people are paying hundreds of dollars per day for.

But don’t just take my word for it!

Give RankSpy a test drive for the next 30 days, and grab all the profitable, untapped keywords you want… and if you don’t LOVE how easily you can rank on page #1 for these fresh, untapped buyer keywords… then you pay NOTHING!

How’s that for a deal?

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So the question is…


If you’re serious about getting to the top of Google and enjoying fast and free traffic in any niche without wasting time and money targeting the wrong keywords... then RankSpy is for you.

If you’re serious about bypassing weeks of SEO work and fierce competition with “hidden” buyer keywords that you can build content around, and dominate Google... then RankSpy is for you.

And it’s more affordable than you think…

  • No need to pay hundreds of dollars for some clunky keyword tool that delivers the same results that your competitors are getting.
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  • No need to waste countless hours fighting for page #1 rankings, or paying top dollar in Adwords, only to find out that your chosen keyword doesn’t convert into sales.

… because RankSpy gives you low competition, buyer focused keywords at the push of a button instead!

And for a fraction of the usual cost. In fact, you can claim your copy of RankSpy for just…

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